...History Of Christ the King Seminary, Gwada.

 Christ the King Seminary is the reality of the dream of our dynamic Bishop, Most Rev. Dr. Martin Igwemezie Uzoukwu, who took over the leadership of the Diocese in November 1996. He started from the very beginning of his episcopate here in Minna to convince the Priests and Laity of the need to have our own Diocesan Minor Seminary. In September of 1998, the first seminarians were admitted and Very Rev. Fr. Paul Bawa was the first Rector and Deacon Sylvester Luka Gopep was the Assistant. There was no building, for neither hostels nor classrooms. Fr. Paul rented a mud house behind the Convent here and used it as hostel, while the boys attended classes in Day Secondary School Gwada, just behind us. Just 8 months after his ordination to the Priesthood, Rev. Fr. Sylvester Gopep became the 2nd Rector of the young Seminary. At this time, the number of the boys had increased, and our Bishop, due to the passion he had and still has for the Seminary, stopped the building of his house and used the money to build a hostel block for the boys. That hostel is our present Refectory over there. It was from this humble beginning that we have come to the point where we are today. Being the 3rd Rector, I am very grateful to all the former Rectors for the solid foundations they laid. We have gone far from where we started, but our Seminary is still in the making as you can see when you look round. We are grateful to God for the extent we have gone today.
Christ the King Seminary was established by the Catholic Diocese of Minna to attract and young boys, especially the locals, for the training for the Catholic Priesthood in the Major Seminaries. The preparation is holistic. Beginning from JSS I to SS III, the Seminarians are exposed to a holistic teaching and learning that helps them qualify morally, spiritually and academically to be admitted into any Major Seminary or University in the world. The training also gives them the tenacity and passion to pursue their studies anywhere one opts to go. They are made to understand from the very beginning that the “currency used to purchase success in life is made with hard work”. One of our maxims here is “Hard work pays”.
Our goal is to help each child to lay a solid foundation to build his future life. Though in principle, each is being prepared for the priesthood, but in reality, our goal is that each child must become “somebody”. Today, some of the boys who had finished from here with solid foundation are building their future in various major seminaries in and outside Nigeria, some in different universities in the world. Some are building business empires of their own on the foundation this institution has given to them in and outside Nigeria.      
The Goal and Objective of this seminary are achieved through a concerted effort of Parents, Management/Teachers and Each Child. We call it “our three way contract agreement:. Each party must contribute or play his own part for the guarantied success at the end.
We hold it to heart that “With God and willing heart and mind, all things are possible.” The Seminary has come to the point where we are today because:

  1. God is with us,
  2. The willingness of every member of the seminary community to succeed makes us to work hard, and
  3. The management, staff and students have passion for success.


  1. A Seminary whose physical structures on the ground show how far we have gone from our humble beginning to give seminarians conducive atmosphere to learn, eat, pray and play.
  2. A Seminary with her own water supply; her own 200kva Transformer and 60kva Generator which we are using now.
  3. A Seminary with a body of qualified, dedicated, hardworking and success-hungry academic and non-academic members of staff.
  4. A Seminary with a great body of “Old Boys” who are building their future on the solid life foundation the Seminary gave in various major seminaries and universities and at the same time are role models to the students on ground.
  5. A Seminary that is fully registered with WAEC and NECO and has always scored 100% in all the examinations.
  6. A Seminary that is the current Champion in Senior Mathematics and Chemistry in the whole of Niger State Senior Secondary Schools International Olympiad Competition.
  7. A Seminary that full functioning computer Lab, with internet network and wireless services.
  8. A Seminary that is Today graduating 65 candidates from Junior to Senior Secondary and 48 candidates to various Major Seminaries and universities.

The secret of our success is the unfailing support we have enjoyed from all. For that I want to thank God Almighty Who has being blessing us these years. I thank our Bishop Most Rev. Dr. Martin I. Uzoukwu for his interest and love for the seminary. I appreciate the Priests, Religious and Laity of the Catholic Diocese of Minna for your immeasurable contributions to the Seminary. Our dear friends and benefactors from Immaculate Conception and St. Patrick Parish, Amenia, New York as well as other friends of the Seminary within Westchester County and beyond I thank you all. Members of the society of St. Peter the Apostle and the staff of the Propagation of the Faith in Rome, I say thanks for your support.
I am heartily grateful to you members of staff of this Seminary. Your hard work is paying. Thank you and keep it up. To our students, thanks for all your effort to make today a day to be remembered in the history of this Seminary, Keep working hard.
To those graduate, I thank you and please do remember to keep in touch with the God of your vocation in prayers and work hard. Know it too that Christ the King Seminary is a home to you.
To you our parents/Guardians, friends and supporters of the Seminary that are here, I thank you immensely and I congratulate you for being here for this maiden celebration of our graduation. When you look round, you will see that indeed, we are ‘in the making’. I will continue to count on your support in every form.
Thank you and may God continue to bless us all.





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